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Online with fastpublish CMS
Online with fastpublish CMS: Drummer Victor Jones and Culture-Versy


Welcome to the Content Management System fastpublish CMS

fastpublish CMS proudly presents the new Content Management System with the special features: easy to use and fast to publish.

 fastpublish CMS d released. Please click Download CMS.

What makes fastpublish CMS so special?

  • fastpublish CMS now also runs on Netscape 7.1 and Mozilla 1.5a (and up) respectively.
  • Try our demo to see if your browser supports fastpublish CMS.
  • fastpublish CMS does not depend on a specific operating system. It now also supports Linux and MAC OS users (using Firefox).
  • Build your own professional website without any knowledge in HTML.
  • No additional software needed.
  • Websites created with fastpublish CMS are fully recognized by search engines.
  • fastpublish CMS does not divide between system layout, navigation and content. You will already see the final product while working in edit mode.
  • Add-on applications are clearly integrated in the tool bar.
  • We don't use prefab design templates. Create your very own look, arrange left and right navigation, use any font or color type, hover effect etc. You can also apply your own HTML code.
  • Choose between HTML or Wysiwyg work-mode.
  • Click here to view all features
  • Click here for demo version

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